Investment Immigration

Part 1: The situation 

For global entrepreneurs who view the United States as an integral part of their overall business strategy, we are here to assist you in every step of the way to turn barriers into pathways.

For investors looking for opportunities in the United States, we can be your guide.

For established companies who want to create the foothold in North America and require key personnel, we have the experience and track record for ensure that everyone will be where they need to be.

For international talent in entertainment and the arts who want the freedom to do work for companies based in the US, who value their work, we can make it happen.
For those who need their capital protected, we can be your guardian.

Part 2: An overview of the types of investment visas. 

 Treaty Investors: Citizens of certain countries in which the United States as an agreement with are eligible for an E-2 visa. The E-2, which is temporary and must be renewed regularly will permit one to start a business with some capital investment. For a list of eligible countries:

EB5 Immigrant Investors:  
For those individuals seeking permanent residence in the United States (“Green Card”)with access to a substantial amount of capital and the creation of ten full time jobs, this is the best method. 

L1 Intracompany Transfers:  
For companies with a presence in the United States (or are planning to), the L-1 visa will allow you to transfer executives and key personnel from one company location to another.