What We Do

We assist domestic and international clients with global mobility. We enable individuals to move from one country to the next, establish businesses here in the United States, and advise on those who want to take on a more global outlook in their corporate and personal lives.

About Us

Our practice has a strong commitment to personal service to its clients. We leverage a wide global network of legal experts to meet the needs of our international clients. We assist both well-established firms and start-up enterprises to identify, evaluate, promote, and transact new investments. We realize that as individuals move across borders, their companies and assets need to move along with them. We are here to provide effective, innovative, and cost-effective solutions.

Entertainment | Media 

Our firm has roots with representing overseas entertainment talent and financing entering the US industry.  We have evolved to providing counsel on contracts regarding film, television, and international co-productions.

We have represented production companies, studios, directors, actors, writers, content creators, animators, visual effects workers, models, and individual media investors.

Services Provided:

Draft, review, and negotiate for film, television, animation, and internet related contracts and agreements.

Representation for your production and all production related matters.

Formation of corporations, deal specific corporate structures, loan out companies, special purpose production companies, limited liability companies, and a special emphasis on foreign entities setting up businesses in the United States.

Funding of production through foreign corporations and entities.

Assistance with screenplay options, purchase agreements, copyright registrations and trademark.

Obtaining O-1 and P-1 visas for foreign entertainment talent and esports athletes to work legitimately in the United States.

Referral to a vetted and trusted network of litigators.